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Below you will find a list of the highest rated rehab facilities in Indiana. Be sure to do research of your own to choose which facility is best suited for you.

Hickory House Treatment Center

Hickory House is a beautiful, resort-like rehab center that focuses on mental and spiritual health. They believe that healing and recovery begin within.

So if you’re looking for a peaceful and serene facility, Hickory House is what you want. They offer full detox and even outpatient services. Privacy and discretion are important to them, so if you wish for full anonymity, you can have it. Hickory House Treatment Center accepts insurance.

Indiana Center For Recovery

With specialties like animal therapy, medical detoxification, and family and friend support, the Indiana Center for Recovery uses every weapon they can in the battle to fight addiction.

They pride themselves on being secluded from temptation but encourage families to reunite with their loved ones. This is a recovery center that has a lot of heart. With a focus on behavioral health, Indiana Center for Recovery gives you the best of what they have to offer. They also accept most insurance.

Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone is an abstinence-based, limited treatment facility that runs their programs for up to one month.

They focus on completely removing the addicting substance from your life. They also work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that often includes family support and a 12-step program. If you feel the need to stay longer, that option is available.

Regional Mental Health

Regional Mental Health is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the betterment and success of their patients. It is a detox program that gives patients the freedom to choose their treatment plan and future goals. This charitable organization is all about its people. Always putting clients first, they understand the courage and bravery it takes to break an addiction.

Shepherd’s House

Shepherd’s House is a rehab facility for adult men. Holding on to its Christian values, Shepherd’s House works as a sanctuary for those seeking help and recovery. Offering a 12-step program and tutoring, their patients are sure to get all the help they require.

The Thirteen Step House Inc

Another non-profit, The Thirteen Step House Inc is home to 42 adult men who are seeking treatment for addiction. Patients live inside the house in which they live every day according to the rules of the 12-step program. The goal is to rehabilitate and refine these men so they may begin to lead more fulfilling lives.

The Rose Home

Like The Thirteen Step House Inc, but for women, The Rose Home houses woman who wishes to better themselves and kick their addiction. They often connect their women with employment agencies and provide them with other resources to help get them back on their feet.


Boasting to be one of the oldest treatment centers in America, Fairbanks is a facility for all people suffering from addiction to find their way to sobriety. Their programs are very accommodating as they create personalized treatment plans for each individual. If you are a 12-year-old girl, a 54-year-old man, or a family of 5 all suffering from addiction, Fairbanks is there to help.

Amethyst House

Amethyst House is a facility open to men, women, children, and families. Implementing the 12-step program, Amethyst House works as a transitional house that allows individuals the ability to work out their issues while living in a controlled environment.

They use an evidence-based approach to create their programs and treatment plans. This ensures that every technique is perfected and sound.

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