The purpose of this site is to make you well aware of methamphetamines and its deadly impact on those addicted. It is our job to provide for you the awful truth behind meth addiction and the harmful effects it can cause. Meth addiction is an epidemic that has left an ugly scar on America as a whole. Yet, in order to fight such an epidemic, we must rely on knowledge as our main weapon.

In obtaining that knowledge, you will learn the horrifying statistics, including the history, related to meth use and its death rates in Indiana. You will undoubtedly become familiar with how meth works as well as the consequences of meth addiction. We will discuss the psychological damage that can be caused by meth use. You will also be able to recognize the signs of addiction.

Recognizing addiction is just the beginning. The greatest struggle is how to overcome it once it’s been identified. Realizing that you have an addiction is the first step in battling it. We will guide you through what to do and where you can go for help.

Armor up with the power of knowledge and use it to beat the addiction. Also, feel free to peruse our FAQs page to gain even more knowledge.