What Meth-Induced Psychosis Is

What It Is

Meth-induced psychosis is a common symptom experienced when addicted to meth during the period of withdrawal. First, let’s break down what psychosis is.

We often hear the term psychosis when someone is being described as crazy. Or even in movies, when a masked killer is on the loose. However, medically speaking, psychosis is a mental disorder that brings about visual and auditory hallucinations as well as personal and general delusions.

Thousands of people suffer from many different types of psychotic mental disorders. Having a psychotic disorder that is acute or genetic is dangerous enough, but when it is brought on by the use of drugs, we enter a completely new danger zone.

If you recall, during the withdrawal stage of addiction, a person has a high tendency of being suicidal. They are overwhelmed with sadness and emotion all while being exhausted and ill. Imagine being in constant pain, depressed and possibly angry, thus causing you to consider suicide.

Now mix in hallucinations and a number of delusions. As I am sure you guessed it, the risk for suicide increases greatly. When you feel like you are drowning, it is difficult to get back to the surface. Dealing with meth-induced psychosis is similar.


As we mentioned before, hallucinating is a major symptom of meth-induced psychosis. The user has a hard time defining what is real and what is not. Often times, users will see figures or shadows. They may also hear things that only they can hear.

These hallucinations may be common as visual or auditory, but they may attack all five senses. Not being able to trust yourself is the sad reality of being addicted to meth.

Being delusional also appears as a symptom in meth-induced psychosis. This means that the user may believe things that are not true. Whether it is believing someone is out to get you or that you are more special than all others, these delusions are harmful.

What It Feels Like

Many people report that having meth-induced psychosis is similar to living in an alternate reality. One in which only they exist. They feel as if they are losing their minds and have no one to turn to. The feeling of sadness and deep depression sets in, and they cannot find their way out.

Meth-induced psychosis is yet another harmful effect to using meth. It is not worth it.

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