The Ugly Face of Meth Mouth

While there are a lot of adverse physical effects of using meth, one of the most talked-about is known as “meth mouth.” In addition to this very unpleasant effect, meth causes very great harm to the body, and the meth addiction treatment is very often quite a long and painful process.


What does meth mouth mean?

Meth mouth is a condition that occurs when a person’s teeth become severely broken and decayed as a result of meth addiction and use. Patients who develop meth mouth usually suffer from lip burns, lesions on the lips, dry mouth, severe gum disease, and cracked teeth. According to research carried out by the journal of the American Dental Association, over 96% of 571 meth users had cavities in their teeth and other outer shell damage. It is also said that meth users in the research were twice as likely to experience tooth decay compared to the rest of the population.


What harm does meth mouth cause to the body?

Meth is scientifically known to be an acidic substance which can erode and destroy the tooth structure and composition. Smoking the drug also causes the users’ mouth to dry out, reducing the number of healthy bacteria and saliva in the mouth that protects the denture. Most meth users usually grind their teeth when undergoing withdrawal, or while they were high, this can crack or erode their teeth.


Meth can damage the mouth by resulting in:

●    Sensitive teeth

●    Loose teeth

●    Poor dental hygiene

●    Inflamed gums

●    Unusually shortened teeth

●    Fractured or broken teeth

●    Dry tongue and mouth


Dentists also warn that meth users that are more likely to consume high sugar and high calorie in large quantities due to meth effects on metabolism are at a higher risk of tooth decay.


Is it possible to avoid Meth mouth?

Each user experiences different symptoms from all stages of methamphetamine addiction. The only way one can prevent meth mouth while using the drug is to stop using it totally. However, once a user is addicted to meth, it is almost impossible to stop using it at once. There are some cautions you need to take to slow down this condition. For starters, it is required that you drink lots of water to fight dehydration and bad breath as well as white saliva on the lips. As for the coloration of the teeth, proper dental hygiene, especially after smoking, can help slow its progression. Meth addicts eat poorly, so another way to slow down this process is to take vitamins which will have a positive impact on their oral health.


If meth users snort or smoke it, it comes directly in contact with their teeth, which causes it to rot away. The most prominent way to avoid meth mouth is by considering intravenous use, but this is not advisable under any circumstances.


Handling Meth Mouth

Many users who are addicted to meth tend to avoid their oral health and fail to seek professional dental treatment, which may make the condition worse. Successful treatment of meth mouth is usually rare. Many meth addicts often experience very severe decay that damages the teeth beyond treatment. If patients with meth mouth require treatment, dentists have to conduct a full-mouth tooth extraction to tackle missing dentures.

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