Methamphetamine Half-Life: How Long Does It Stay in System?

Many people wonder how long methamphetamine or meth can be found in your body. This number will have many variables. The variables can involve the individual. Plus, certain tests will detect meth in the body longer than other tests.

How Meth is Removed from the Body

When you ingest meth, it is metabolized by an enzyme that is made in the liver. Once it is metabolized, it will exit the body by entering the kidneys and then leave the body in your urine. When someone takes the drug by mouth, the bloodstream will peak anywhere between 2.6 hours and 3.6 hours. The metabolite will peak at about twelve hours. If the person has taken it through their veins, the half-life is longer. It is about 12.2 hours instead of 12 hours.

Drug Testing

Many people may wonder how long does meth stay in your body? A person can have meth in the body different from the person standing next to them. Multiple things determine how long meth stays in the body. This includes the individual’s metabolic rate, age, body mass, how active they are, and health conditions they may have.

When someone uses meth by smoking or injects it, the effects will begin right away. The main effects can last anywhere between four and eight hours. However, there will be lingering effects that could last up to twelve hours. This means that the person can have meth in their body long after the drug has lost its effects.

This brings another question many people will ask. How long does meth stay in your hair?  Many people will ask how long meth stays in the body, however, this doesn’t help them with a drug test. Different drug tests can find meth at different stages. For example, the urine test will not be as accurate as a hair follicle test.

Meth can be detected in the urine for up to four days. However, if it is used chronically, it can be detected up to a week after use. Meth can be found in the blood for up to three days and in the saliva for up to four. However, with a hair follicle test, you can find meth for up to 90 days. This means that if you stopped using meth, you would have to wait 90 days to get a hair follicle drug test done if you want to pass the test.

Keep in mind that these numbers may vary from person to person. A person who is inactive and overweight will have the drug in their system longer than someone who is active. This is because those who are active will sweat more and drink more water. This means that their bodies do not have to work as hard to eliminate the drug. Plus, they are urinating more and allowing more of the drug to pass. Plus, the drug doesn’t have anywhere to be stored. Each person is different and the numbers above are just a general guideline for how long meth stays in your system.

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